Adult Baby Phone Sex

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Hi there, little adult baby! Guess what. I’m going to be your babysitter today! Isn’t that exciting? ;)

I love being the phone sex babysitter for a sweet little AB like you. You ARE a sweet boy, aren’t you? I hope so. I would sure hate to have to pull your diaper down, put you over my knee, and give you a spanking!

But I know you’re not going to make me do that. You’re going to be extra-good for me, so that you can get a surprise. Right?

You know the best part about it? I’m going to be here all weekend while your Mommy and Daddy are out of town. That’s why I brought my suitcases. So I’ll be spending a couple of nights here with you! Aren’t you happy about spending the whole weekend with a cute coed diaper lover?

Oh, just wait til you see what I’ve got in store for you. This is going to be the best adult baby phone sex call EVER! I promise. :)

I can’t tell you now, though. It’s a secret. You’ll need to give me or another one of the awesome phone sex girls here a call to find out what happens to good boys when they have babysitters!

1-855-SUCCUMB ( 1-855-782-2862)