Adult Baby Phone Sex

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Of all the fetish phone sex fantasies out there that I’ve tried (and there are many), my favorite is still adult baby phone sex by far.

I don’t know if that’s because I’m a mature lady who loves playing Mommy or if it’s just because the fetish itself draws me to it. But it really doesn’t matter, does it? The only thing that matters is that I like ABDL phone sex…and, of course, that you like it as well.

Mommy loves playing with her sweet little boys. I can be a sweet and sensual Mommy, or I can be a strict and mean Mommy, depending on what kind of treatment I think my adult baby boys need. Usually, it’s the former, but sometimes, I meet boys who are sorely in need of the latter!

I think my favorite kind of adult baby is the sissy baby, but I’m not picky about what kinds of little boys I play with. Sissy babies do hold a special spot in my heart, though. I love dressing them up, making them pretty, then showing them off to friends and strangers alike. They certainly don’t seem to mind, either. In fact, I think most of them just love the attention!

Do you have a phone sex fantasy that involves being Mommy’s little baby? Why not give me a call and tell me all about it? I’d sure love to hear it, sweetheart.

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