Giantess Phone Sex

Giantess Phonesex

Hello, boys. I bet you never thought you’d meet a woman like me, did you? *Laughs* Well, I guess you just got lucky as hell, didn’t you?

My name is Ireland, and I guess you could say I’ve got a bit of a shrinking fetish. I like taking regular-sized men and shooting them with my ray gun and shrinking them down to about six inches high!

Ok, that may be a little weird for some of you, and I admit that it is definitely unusual. But it’s a fantasy I’ve had for as long as I can remember, so what can I say?

Then again, for those of you who have a giantess fetish, it might be right up your alley. I certainly hope so because I’d like to have a whole army of tiny men at my command, ready to do anything and everything I ask! Well, it’s not like you’d have much of a choice, really, but you get the idea.

What do you say? Do you have some giantess phone sex fantasies you need to share with someone? Let me tell you, if you can talk about them to someone who has a similar fetish, it makes the conversation SO much easier.

Call me, Ireland, today, and we’ll talk about our mutual fantasy!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)