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His mind whirred busily as he sat there in the oversized adult high chair, dressed in a bright pink onsie and bonnet.  Around his neck loosely hung a bib that read “Mommy’s little girl,” and before him sat a baby rattle and a small bottle that was filled with a milky white substance, she called it “milk substitute.”  This was the first time in. . . days that he had even come to himself completely, realizing exactly what kind of situation he was in.

He looked around the brightly lit, pristine kitchen and found that he was completely alone.  He listened carefully struggling to hear the click-clock of her ferocious pink latex high heels.  Once he was sure that he was alone for the moment he breathed a deep sigh and relaxed a bit against the high chair, letting his mind drift.

It was jut a few days ago that he had been nervously sitting outside of her house nervously and anxiously awaiting their meeting.  He had no clue that things would ever go THIS far or that he would. . . enjoy it so much.  He had known that adult baby fetish aroused him, but he never realized that he would become so addicted to his Mommy Mistress.  He could feel his cock starting to grow hard in his diaper, beneath the onsie and bit his lip as he heard the click of her heels approaching him.

He took in a last breathe before she crested the kitchen entrance, smiling wickedly at him.

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1-855-SUCCUMB ( 1-855-782-2862)