Hypnosis Phone Sex

Hypnosis Phonesex

Hello, boys. I am Mistress Marlow, your mind control Goddess.

There are many ways to take total control of a man’s mind. Erotic hypnosis is merely one of them. It just so happens to be the method I like best, but it’s far from being the only one.

You see, hypnosis requires that you be weak. You do not have to be physically weak (though you probably are). But you do have to be weak-minded. I can only hypnotize you into doing things you’d do of your own volition. That means I cannot technically force you to do anything through hypnosis.

However…if your mind is like putty, then I can shape it through my other mind control techniques to make it pliable and willing to do anything I want. Then, when I hypnotize you, there are no mental barriers to prevent you from doing exactly what I tell you to do. That is how “regular” mind control and erotic hypnosis work together to create a perfect, obedient slave for Mistress Marlow.

Do you want to be my hypnosis phone sex slave? Excellent. The first step is to pick up your phone and call me at 1-855-SUCCUMB. Be sure to ask for Mistress Marlow.

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)