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Hello Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex Lovers,

You will start by picking out a superior erotic hypnosis mistress from our elite phone sex girls, then you will close your eyes and prepare yourself for a journey of a lifetime.  You will feel yourself slowly becoming weaker and weaker to the powerful, seductive and alluring voice that tantalizes you and arouses all of your senses.  You will find yourself becoming more and more controlled by the power of my voice and my desires.

Your desires will no longer be your own and you will instead become more and more focused on MY needs and MY desire as you melt away completely into my own personal erotic fantasy world.  You will be in awe as you feel my voice compelling your hands to move and your body to reach heights of arousal that you could not believe truly existed.  It is time for you to loose all of your inhibitions during our erotic hypnosis phone sex journey.

You will start to admit all of your dark desires and this will lead to you admitting your deepest fetish to your mind control mistress as you travel down a sensual journey.

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