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Hi, guys! It’s your favorite escort phone sex girl, here to have a great phone sex call with you. Are you ready? ;)

One thing that I think makes me a great phone sex girl is that I use my experience as an escort to help me give guys what they want. And from what I’ve heard, I’m REALLY good at giving guys what they want, LOL!

One of the biggest things in escorting right now is GFE, or the girlfriend experience. Guys who are into this fantasy aren’t all about fucking and leaving. They want the entire experience of having a girlfriend, from going out on dates and just hanging out together, to talking about all kinds of things and, of course, sex. These boys are really into the emotional side of things.

GFE is my specialty, so imagine how excited I was when I learned that GFE phone sex was a thing! I knew EXACTLY what those guys wanted because I’d encountered them so many times while being an escort.

So as you can probably guess, I’m excellent at being a phone sex girlfriend for lonely and horny men out there. I love being a phone girlfriend! In fact, there’s no better fetish or fantasy, in my opinion. :)

If you’d like me to be YOUR girlfriend, then call me (ask for Cameron)! Let’s have an awesome live phone sex fantasy together.

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