Forced Bi Phone Sex

Forced Bi Phonesex

So you have always wondered about some things about you. Some inner urges that have been trying to bubble to the surface that you just can’t quite explain. Then, you found a beautiful woman who gave you all kinds of experiences, enough to make you think that these ideas were just silly notions.

After all, if this beautiful woman could make you experience all this, how could you ever even entertain the notion of being with another man. You and your woman start talking and a few things come to light. She’s a Femdom Mistress, and you have had all these various submissive fantasies. Next thing you know, you’ve experienced the lion’s share of them. You tell her everything, including that male fantasy in passing, even telling her it wasn’t for you anymore. But, you didn’t know a thing or two about her….Including that being one of hers.

So you are tied and blindfolded one day. You hear what sounds like a second set of footsteps, but it’s hard to hear over the sounds of the clicking of your Mistress’s boots heels. She slaps you across the face and your dick gets hard, this being the standard way of opening a session.

This time is different, she commands you to open your mouth. You do as she says, and it is soon filled. And now you realize you are in the middle of your forced bi fantasy. She even tells you she’s recording it, and will play the audio for you next time you’re out of town and want phone sex.

But you don’t care, do you? You’re just lost on that cock….And that is all you know now….

You know you want it. Call your fetish phone sex Mistress, Ariana, for the forced bi phone sex fantasy you’ve always wanted.

1-855-SUCCUMB ( 1-855-782-2862)