BBW Phone Sex

BBW Phonesex

Hello, boys. So you have always had a thing for big girls, right? BBWs or Big Beautiful Women are what floats your boat. You’re one of those people who have a little too much in a bar and start yelling out “I like big women!” to random passers-by. Don’t worry, I have got you covered.

Maybe you want to lay on top of your BBW phone sex girl and feed her pie. But what kind of pie? It’s getting close to autumn right now, so maybe pumpkin is in order. But what about good old apple? Surely nothing is more tasty than cherry pie, right? There’s even an entire song about it. Of course, there’s also a song about peaches as well. How are you going to feed your feeder fetish fantasy as I open my mouth for another slice? Does pizza still count as a pie?

Or maybe you want to feel her weight on you. Maybe you want her to plop down on you and feel the wind get knocked out of you by her fat ass. Maybe you want a little BBW facesitting. Just realize that it might take her a minute or two to get up off you, so you better factor that in before you suffocate yourself. But, oh, imagine her soft thighs engulfing your entire face. For just a brief moment, you’re entire world is her thighs, her moist center. That is peace. Finger lickin’ peace.

I am, of course, that girl, the bigger girl who can give you what you need. Call me, Glory, now for some live phone sex.

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)