CBT Phone Sex

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Happy 4th of July to all of my American CBT fetishist.

In honor of this explosive holiday, I figured it would be fun to get a real bang out of your not so ordinary EXTREME CBT phone sexsession.  The CBT roleplay would be that, you would essentially become a human fireworks show.  I would strip you naked before your femdom Goddess and a group of my closest Dominatrix friends. You would then be used in a variety ways for our entertainment.

I would start out easy, stuffing your ass with several bottle rockets to explode when lit with a grand kaboom and yelp from you I am sure.  This would start the thrills of the night off just fine.

The next text would be to strap some M80′s around your cock and balls firmly before lighting them.  I am sure you will be praying for castration phone sex almost immediately!

You will most likely be on the ground in pain by now so we will have to tie you down firmly spread eagle so that we can go on with the show!

We will then use melted wax to secure a number of fireworks holders to your chest, pelvic region and legs.  When these are lit, we are all sure to ooo and ahh!!!

However, this is not the grand finale’, but it is time!

Now we will complete your night of CBT phone sex in the fashion of a true castration phone sex session.  We will stuff the tip of your cock with some fireworks so that the whole night can end in the most explosive fashion.

Call Mistress Echo now!

1-855-SUCCUMB ( 1-855-782-2862)