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phone sex girls Hello Erotic HypnosisLovers,

I have a story to share about one of my recent erotic hypnosis encounters.  Being a very sexy mature woman, I love to seduce younger men into doing whatever it is that I desire and they are often very eager to please me.  This is one of the main reasons that I became interested in erotic hypnosis.  I loved the idea of slowly and seductively implanting my own ideals, thoughts, and pleasures directly into the subconscious mind of my lover.

I had recently met a younger man at a bar one night and he had gotten lost staring into my bulging tits as I whispered softly and seductively into his ear.  He was almost in a full blown erotic hypnosis trance without me even trying to induce him into that deeply hypnotic state.  He was so hungry for his mature hypnosis mistress that he was ready to succumb to my trance at any moment. After about a half hour of this, I led him away from the club and drove him to my house where I slowly induced him into an erotic hypnosis trance.  Once he was under a deep trance, I was sure to lead him through an intense guided masturbation session so that he would become even more eager to please his mature mistress.

When my new erotic hypnosis lover awoke from his first trance he was eager to please me, which I had fully expected.  If you want to hear more about the mind blowing sex that followed this erotic hypnosis session you should call me up now for live phone sex!

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