Diaper Humiliation Phone Sex

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I know what kind of man you are. When you go looking for phone sex girls, you choose the one who looks like she can humiliate you most dramatically. I have encountered your kind many, many times before.

In addition to know what kind of man you are, I also know exactly how to deal with you. If it’s humiliation phone sex you’re seeking, then I have the perfect thing for you: diaper humiliation.

If you’re thinking that this is nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before, well, that’s the point. You’ve never been humiliated in such way before, and that makes it extra delicious for both of us.

Of course, if this is something you’ve done before, then you already know how good it is. It seems that a lot of diaper fetish phone sex lovers out there are into being humiliated for their diaper-wearing habit.

Regardless of what kind of humiliation slut you are, I feel certain that you would benefit from a short jaunt around town in nothing but a disposable diaper.

I know you’re aching for a taste of it, so call me now for fetish phone sex. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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