Male Chastity Phone Sex

Male Chastity Phonesex

You and I both know that that tiny li’l thing between your legs is totally worthless, right? You’ll never be able to satisfy a woman (any woman) with it. But you’re far too attached to it to do something as drastic as castration, so we’ll have to think up another alternative for you.

Actually, you know what? I have the perfect solution.

To keep your dick away from the general population and to prevent you from disappointing poor, unsuspecting women with it, I say it needs to be locked up in male chastity. This type of orgasm denial will also have the added benefit of making sure that you concentrate on pleasing me, rather than worrying about getting your own pleasure, since that won’t be a possibility anymore.

Brilliant, huh? And also wicked. Let’s not forget that. ;)

I might even cuckold you while you’re all locked up and let you watch, so you can see another man getting what you so desperately wish you could have. But that’s all getting ahead of myself right now. For the time being, let’s just concentrate on finding the perfect chastity device for you and getting you locked up in it, so I can be your keyholding Mistress.

If you’re ready to sacrifice your orgasms to me, Mistress Hayleigh, then you should call me at the number below. Our male chastity phone sex sessions will test your willpower, but I think you can handle them. You’d better, if you don’t want a severe punishment….

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)