Castration Phone Sex

Castration Phonesex

Hello, you fuckin’ spineless sack of shit. Look at you, sitting home alone, probably covered in cheese curl dust wondering why your dick’s orange. How about use a fuckin’ napkin before you jack that thing, you fat fuck!

So you come to me for some real experience after seeing a Femdom Mistress talk about how you’re naughty and need a spanking. Oh, that is funny as shit, you oinkin’ fuck! That shit ain’t gonna happen here. I won’t spank you, I’ll give you forty fuckin’ lashes from a whip just to warm you up. I’m a hard core bitch, and that’s the way things are. By the way, those miserable fuckin’ things twixt your legs? Yeah, bad things are going to happen to them with my special CBT.

First, I’m gonna tie your dumb fuck ass down with your legs spread. I have a nice frame that will let me get you at a forty five degree angle. Then? I’m going to kick the shit out of them with my pointed toe of my favorite spiked heels. Ballbusting in the worst way, is what is going to follow. I am going to make you cry, lick the tears and then slap you for being so goddamned weak.

And then? Oh, then what follows is a removal of that weakness. I’m going to make you beg me to stop the pain, then I’m gonna wrap them up with a rubber band. Once they’re nice and swollen, I’ll kick them again to make you cry, and then I’m going to indulge my castration fetish. Good thing you never wanted kids, cause you won’t have the option any more!

If you wanna get crazy with Bianca, you know what to do. Call me for fetish phone sex if you’re brave enough!!!!!

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)

Castration Phone Sex

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Hello, hello! The nurse is in for some fetish phone sex.

I hear that you have this taboo fantasy in mind…something most men would probably not want to do. But you’re not most men, are you? You’re an adventurous man, someone who gets off on all that is twisted and taboo. Oh, yes, only a man like you would have a male castration fantasy.

CBT doesn’t get a whole lot more extreme than wanting a phone sex girl to chop off your cock…or your balls…or both.

Of course, there are other ways to achieve castration than simply by whacking them off. If you want them to remain where they are but be completely useless for what they were designed for, then chemical castration may be the way to go. There are plenty of other ways to do it, too.

Since castration is a fantasy that most likely doesn’t need to be played out in real life, phone sex offers the best way to play out that fantasy. We can discuss it and roleplay it as many times as we want without actually harming your junk. I mean, if the toy were broken, we couldn’t play with it anymore.

Nurse Pistol wants to hear all about your castration phone sex fantasy (or fantasies). It’s very easy to find someone to talk to about it, so call 1-855-SUCCUMB today!

1-855-SUCCUMB ( 1-855-782-2862)