Castration Phone Sex

Castration Phonesex

Hello, you fuckin’ spineless sack of shit. Look at you, sitting home alone, probably covered in cheese curl dust wondering why your dick’s orange. How about use a fuckin’ napkin before you jack that thing, you fat fuck!

So you come to me for some real experience after seeing a Femdom Mistress talk about how you’re naughty and need a spanking. Oh, that is funny as shit, you oinkin’ fuck! That shit ain’t gonna happen here. I won’t spank you, I’ll give you forty fuckin’ lashes from a whip just to warm you up. I’m a hard core bitch, and that’s the way things are. By the way, those miserable fuckin’ things twixt your legs? Yeah, bad things are going to happen to them with my special CBT.

First, I’m gonna tie your dumb fuck ass down with your legs spread. I have a nice frame that will let me get you at a forty five degree angle. Then? I’m going to kick the shit out of them with my pointed toe of my favorite spiked heels. Ballbusting in the worst way, is what is going to follow. I am going to make you cry, lick the tears and then slap you for being so goddamned weak.

And then? Oh, then what follows is a removal of that weakness. I’m going to make you beg me to stop the pain, then I’m gonna wrap them up with a rubber band. Once they’re nice and swollen, I’ll kick them again to make you cry, and then I’m going to indulge my castration fetish. Good thing you never wanted kids, cause you won’t have the option any more!

If you wanna get crazy with Bianca, you know what to do. Call me for fetish phone sex if you’re brave enough!!!!!

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Castration Phone Sex

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Are you looking for a strict castration mistress?

Femdom castration is the ultimate form of submission towards your femdom goddess.  Undergoing male castration, is the best way to ensure that you are only focused on the needs and desires of your castration mistress.  Castration roleplay can be one of the most intense forms of roleplay during your live phone sex session.  Castration phone sex is one of the biggest rushes that you can possibly get during phone sex with real phone sex girls.

Often small penis losers are hungry to have play with a castration mistress.  The ultimate form of small penis humiliation roleplay is castration phone sex after all.  Since you are already so useless, then you might as well just ensure that your cock is never good for anything but humiliation ever again.  Small cock humiliation can be brutal, but banding play that takes place during real castration roleplay is the most brutal form of castration phone sex.

I adore putting a small cock loser into such a compromising situation and watching as he struggles to make sense of exactly what he has gotten himself into.  The sph loser is so desperate for any attention that he more than happy to give into the castration phone sex with his favorite live phone sex girl.

If you are ready for castration roleplay with a real castration mistress call Marlow now!

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Castration Phone Sex

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Sometimes, men’s fetish phone sex fantasies can consist of things that most people would never imagine a man would fantasize about, much less get off to. Those are the kinds of fantasies that I specialize in!

One of the biggest and most popular of the “unusual” fetishes is castration phone sex. Most people would say that common sense would tell you that a man would never jerk off to the thought of being castrated…but most people and their “common sense” would be wrong!

There are far more men than you might think who fantasize about male castration. Some of them just like the “taboo” aspect of the fantasy. Others think of it as a highly submissive act, the ultimate in male chastity. No matter what the reasons for the fantasy are, however, there are still plenty of men who love to engage in it.

I, too, enjoy Femdom castration fantasies. I think it gives men an outlet for these kinds of fantasies while allowing them to keep those parts intact in reality.

If you have a castration fetish, you should call me for a phone sex session that incorporates it. Pistol would love to be your fetish nurse!

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Fetish Phone Sex

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In my not-so-humble opinion, fetish phone sex should always be dirty, creative, and maybe even a little bit weird.

See, I’ve never been drawn to “regular” phone sex. I mean, how many blowjobs can one girl describe? I can do it, but it’s not my passion. My passion is appealing to the men out there who don’t have fantasies that are considered common or normal.

I like the men that a lot of phone sex girls would call “weirdos.” I don’t think of them as strange. I actually think we share a sort of enlightened sexuality, something that has gone farther than just rubbing genitals together or whatever.

That’s why I like talking to adult baby boys or men who have a castration fetish. These guys are into the kinds of things I’m into, the things that are off the beaten path of sexuality. That’s why I love them so much!

If you march to the beat of your own sexual drummer, then I am the girl you need to be talking to.

A live phone sex session with a true fetishista is just a phone call away, boys. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start dialing, ask for Bianca. I can’t wait to talk to you about your fantasies and fetishes.

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