Cum Eating Phone Sex

Cum Eating Phonesex

So you want to be a cock sucker. Congratulations. You have practiced on your Mistress’s strap on and are ready for the real thing. But most guys are never prepared for one simple question comprised of three words. Spit or swallow?

Oh, you didn’t think that would come up some how, right? After all, it never came up when you were going balls deep on the large plastic phallus of your Femdom Mistress. That’s the thing, boy, that was just practice. Real world situation, you gotta make a choice. Well, normally you would. But it is up to Mistress ultimately, and she was planning on you doing more than a little cum eating at the end.

Part of you is a little repulsed by this, aren’t you? The thought of another man’s seed entering you, filling your belly. But it’s that repulsion that drives you. That is what makes it so hot. Doing this for her might be your excuse, but ultimately you love being such a nasty bitch. Part of you wants him to pull it out and shoot it on your face while we both laugh at you.

I know, I have had many a bitch like that in various phone sex sessions. In this situation though, that won’t happen. You are going to swallow every last drop that splashes in the back of your throat. Don’t forget to thank your MILF Mistress Diana first, and him second, though. After all, it’s because of me that you are given this gift.

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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Hello, all you little smoke slaves out there. I know what you like…

Being bound, naked at the feet of a Goddess as leans back in her chair. Watching her gloved hand reach over to the table beside her. She picks up the box of her favorite brand, let’s say menthol Capris 120s in this case. She grabs her torch of choice, be it a Zippo, a butane, or even a $.59 Bic she bought at a gas station. A quick flick of her gloved thumb and the fire shoots out the top and slowly goes to the tip of the cigarette. A few quick puffs to make sure it’s lit and the lighter gets set down. Then, that long, slow drag and the exhale into the light to show off that large puff of smoke. Isn’t that what having a smoking fetish is all about?

Of course, it doesn’t end there? Does it? There’s a whole wide world of extras that go with it. After all, if you look on that table, you’ll notice there isn’t anything else there but her lighter and her box. Does that mean being a human ashtray is in your future?

After all, it wouldn’t take much to coax you would it? A quick tug on your hair to pull your head back. Even just a nudge from her boot would suffice. You wouldn’t care, would you? All you want is to please your phone sex Mistress and feed your own fetish, in this case literally. Better open up. I’m ready for you.

This sound like your kind of smoking fetish phone sex fantasy? Good. Call me, Mistress Marlow, now, and you can be ashtray in minutes.

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Forced Bi Phone Sex

Forced Bi Phonesex

So you have always wondered about some things about you. Some inner urges that have been trying to bubble to the surface that you just can’t quite explain. Then, you found a beautiful woman who gave you all kinds of experiences, enough to make you think that these ideas were just silly notions.

After all, if this beautiful woman could make you experience all this, how could you ever even entertain the notion of being with another man. You and your woman start talking and a few things come to light. She’s a Femdom Mistress, and you have had all these various submissive fantasies. Next thing you know, you’ve experienced the lion’s share of them. You tell her everything, including that male fantasy in passing, even telling her it wasn’t for you anymore. But, you didn’t know a thing or two about her….Including that being one of hers.

So you are tied and blindfolded one day. You hear what sounds like a second set of footsteps, but it’s hard to hear over the sounds of the clicking of your Mistress’s boots heels. She slaps you across the face and your dick gets hard, this being the standard way of opening a session.

This time is different, she commands you to open your mouth. You do as she says, and it is soon filled. And now you realize you are in the middle of your forced bi fantasy. She even tells you she’s recording it, and will play the audio for you next time you’re out of town and want phone sex.

But you don’t care, do you? You’re just lost on that cock….And that is all you know now….

You know you want it. Call your fetish phone sex Mistress, Ariana, for the forced bi phone sex fantasy you’ve always wanted.

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Excuse Our Progress!!

Attention, gentlemen!!!!,  your #1 choice for live phone sex just got even better, if you can believe that!!!!

The first change you may notice, is that we have a BRAND-NEW cheap phone sex number for you to contact our phone sex girls at!  Pleas take note the new number is:

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You may be curious as to what the advantages of a new number could be.  There are several new perks that come along with this hot new live phone sex number!

What are some of the advantages of this new live phone sex number?

1.  When you dial in, a recording will begin, but you can simply press # to reach to have your call answered by a real LIVE phone sex dispatcher!  Your phonesex dispatcher will be able to answer any and all questions you may have, as well as assist you in choosing from our fantastic phone sex girls.  No one likes a troublesome automated system!  Call in and talk to one of our live dispatchers to get started!

2.  Over time you will notice a profiles page that will display just a small selection of the phone sex girls that are available to take your call at our new number 1-855-SUCCUMB.  You will be able to learn more about each of these phone sex girls by clicking through their available profiles.  Who doesn’t like knowing who they are speaking to on the phone anyway?

3.  Our live phone sex lines are staffed 24/7, so even if you call up during a time when girl of your choice is working, you are sure to find someone that is just as knowledgeable about your fetish!  Your phonesex dispatcher will be more than happy to help you pick out an alternate fetish phone sex girl!

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Remember, there are great changes going on all over the site so if you find any conflicting information (e.g. other phone numbers, etc.), don’t worry! We are working diligently to correct any conflicting information with our new and exciting changes!  All you need to know to talk to any of our elite phone sex girls is the number below!

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Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation Phonesex

Ok, look buddy, let’s just get this straight off the bat. Now, the other girls will be all nice and play around with you and tolerate your bullshit and blah, blah, blah. That is not my style. The truth is, you are beneath me. I am a phone sex Femdom, and you are a fuckin’ worm. You wouldn’t even be worth my time if I wasn’t getting paid by the minute to listen to your stupid ass.

More than likely, if you call in, I’ll either spend the time ignoring you or belittling you into the ground to amuse myself for the ten or twenty minutes you call me for. I guess you can call it humiliation phone sex or whatever. I call it funny as hell, either way.

Oh, I do have fetishes. I have a fetish for intelligent men, but I won’t have that need met by you dickheads. Luckily, I also have a fetish for crushing idiots under the stiletto heel of my leather boots. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll blow smoke in your face while I do it. How’s that for fetish phone sex, you miserable fuckin’ pig? Is that what you want? To be trampled by your leather booted goddess while she blows mentholated smoke into your lungs and laughs at your misfortune? Then, you’d better buck the fuck up and get on the phone, bitch, cause I’m the only one who’ll do it with a genuine smile on her face.

Call me, Aden, right now for live phone sex if you want to be humiliated by the best of the best.

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Giantess Phone Sex

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Hello there my tiny little lover,

Your favorite gentle giant is here to tell you yet another shrinking phone sex story that is sure to have you feeling as hard as you feel small.  It is important that you take the time to visualize every aspect of this story and imagine yourself as the tiny man that has been locked away for years for just such a special day. . .

This special tiny man came to me many years ago in a shrinking fantasy where he stumbled into my home, only to get to tipsy off the wine and, miraculously, began to shrank until he was no more than 8 inches tall.  He had let his lusty thoughts get the best of him; he did after all, have a masturbation addiction.  He had made this admission in his impaired state, which led us to a conversation about curing his masturbation addiction through male chastity, but I had a much better idea. . . .

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I decided to make him into a tiny man but an average size sex toy, using my massive size over him to my advantage to keep his hands from masturbating his now microscopic dick.  He probably couldn’t have jerked it even if he had the courage afterall. . .

As part of his masturbation addiction therapy, I decide that unbirth phone sex was the only answer.  He had to start completely new. . . So finally, all these years later I brought him out of his tiny cage, smiling at him knowingly. . .

Call now for giantess phone sex ,

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BBW Phone Sex

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One of the most common bbw phone sex fantasies is facesitting phone sex.  Many male slaves would do just about anything for the opportunity to have a gorgeous chubby phone sex girl slowly lower her dripping wet pussy down onto his face.

Facesitting phone sex is a special type of power exchange, one that is very sexually arousing for the male slave.  It is incredibly erotic as a bbw phone sex lover to feel the kind of power over both my slave and my own pleasure as I grind against his face, even going as far as to massage my clit against his nose.  I can barely contain the sounds of my moans as I can see my male slave has grown throbbing hard just from feeling my pussy against his face and my juices dripping down his cheeks.

I know that you will enjoy the feeling of my thick thighs crushing your head as I get closer and closer to orgasm on the tip of your hungry tongue.  During our facesitting session, you will truly please your bbw phone sex girl in a way that can only be done through giving up all control in order to please your femdom lover.

You will never forget a bbw phone sex session that leads to steamy hot face sitting since the sounds of pleasure coming from your chubby phone sex lover echo in your ears.

Call now for bbw phone sex.

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Forced Intox Phone Sex

phone sex girls   Hello there forced intox phone sex lovers,

The middle of the week is the toughest, probably why they call it “hump day.”  I know that for those of you loser phone sex boys it can be especially tough.  This is one of the biggest reasons that you come slinking about hoping to get all fucked up with your beautiful bratty phone sex princess during an intense forced intox phone sex session.  We all know that you are going to need to find the PERFECT party girls if you want to get down and dirty during party girl phone sex afterall and we offer only the best forced intox mistress’s.

I bet you have a nice big bottle of liquor sitting there just begging for you to hand it over to your party girl and to give up control, allowing her to pour that bottle slowly down your throat getting you more and more fucked up.  Forced intoxication phone sex is all about loosing all of your inhibitions afterall and giving up every last ounce of control to a powerful and gorgeous forced intox mistress and getting sloppy drunk is a great start.  Let’s just hope that you can avoid that whiskey dick problem though, don’t want you to embarass yourself to much!

During forced intox phone sex, you will be forced to dive deep into fetish phone sex as you learn more and more about your sexually depraved self.  You will find yourself getting so lost in the experience you are sharing with your elite party girl and forced intox mistress that you will never want it to stop.

Call now to get addicted to our fetish phone sex!
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Teen Phone Sex

phone sex girls  August is my favorite month because that means teen phone sex gets EVEN hotter as all of the cute little schoolgirls head back to school!  The best part about the beginning of the school year is the fact that it is still blazing hot outside, which leads the girls to pull those checkered plaid skirts up a little higher.  The only thing that covers their tiny, sexy bare legs are delicately placed knee high socks.  I know that as you walk about during you day and you see those overly developed breasts bursting against those uniform button ups that you will not be able to deny yourself some steamy schoolgirl phone sex.

As you look through our selection of elite phone sex girls, you will be sure to find the perfect teen phone sex girl to help you play out your kinkiest schoolgirl phone sex fantasy.  There is nothing that our girls will not do in order to help you live out your fetish phone sex roleplay.  There are NO taboos and this is REAL anything goes phone sex.  You can truly find the perfect barely 18 teen phone sex lover that is more than capable of giving you the best young voice phone sex.

I know you hear the school bells dinging just as much as I do and I am just as excited for you as you are excited to get started.  Now is the time to take the leap and finally feel TRUE excitement and arousal.

Call now for teen phone sex!
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Fetish Phone Sex

phone sex girls

Hello Fetish Phone Sex lovers!

You have finally found the perfect place to get down and dirty!  Our fetish phone sex girls are hot and horny, not to mention well experienced and a variety of different kinks and taboo fantasies!  The most important thing to remember is that there is NOTHING that is taboo to our phone sex girls!

You will find yourself submitting to guided masturbation phone sex as you and your perfect femdom mistress fulfill your kinkiest fetish phone sex desires.  You will feel your body writhing in a pleasure that you have never imagined as you loose all of your inhibitions, allowing yourself to to finally feel real pleasure.

What is your dirty little secret after all?  It’s okay.  No need to be shy around here, all of our elite phone sex girls would just LOVE to hear all about your fetish phone sex desire.  It’s such a pleasure to hear the joy in a man’s voice as he is feeling pure, unadulterated and passionate pleasure.

The real question is, can you handle our dirty and kinky phone sex lovers?

Our phone sex girls are wild and creative and also enjoy a rousing challenge to blow your load in new and exciting ways.  You must be curious by now so hurry up already!

Call now for real fetish phone sex!

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