Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Smoking Fetish Phonesex

Hello, all you little smoke slaves out there. I know what you like…

Being bound, naked at the feet of a Goddess as leans back in her chair. Watching her gloved hand reach over to the table beside her. She picks up the box of her favorite brand, let’s say menthol Capris 120s in this case. She grabs her torch of choice, be it a Zippo, a butane, or even a $.59 Bic she bought at a gas station. A quick flick of her gloved thumb and the fire shoots out the top and slowly goes to the tip of the cigarette. A few quick puffs to make sure it’s lit and the lighter gets set down. Then, that long, slow drag and the exhale into the light to show off that large puff of smoke. Isn’t that what having a smoking fetish is all about?

Of course, it doesn’t end there? Does it? There’s a whole wide world of extras that go with it. After all, if you look on that table, you’ll notice there isn’t anything else there but her lighter and her box. Does that mean being a human ashtray is in your future?

After all, it wouldn’t take much to coax you would it? A quick tug on your hair to pull your head back. Even just a nudge from her boot would suffice. You wouldn’t care, would you? All you want is to please your phone sex Mistress and feed your own fetish, in this case literally. Better open up. I’m ready for you.

This sound like your kind of smoking fetish phone sex fantasy? Good. Call me, Mistress Marlow, now, and you can be ashtray in minutes.

1-855-SUCCUMB (1-855-782-2862)